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Transparency for government, privacy for people

This is Sunshine Week, an annual reminder that “consent of the governed” means informed consent. Why is government transparency important? Let’s start at the beginning.

Trent England
March 14, 2018
Law & Principles

Know the facts on SQ 640

Some Oklahoma lawmakers are looking to wage war against SQ 640, claiming it confines government by making any revenue-raising measures impossible to pass. But that’s not true.

Jonathan Small
January 29, 2018
Law & Principles

Can I please work?

Occupational licensing laws give government power to decide who has permission to work. Reasons given for licensing laws often include health or public safety concerns, but licensing regimes can become roadblocks on the path to an honest living.

Curtis Shelton
January 8, 2018
Law & Principles

Free Market Friday: SQ 640 protects taxpayers

If you want to regulate speech, you belittle the First Amendment. If you want to confiscate guns, you vilify the Second Amendment.

Jonathan Small
December 1, 2017
Law & Principles

Rainy day fund raid was unconstitutional

The Attorney General’s opinion takes the position that money in the Constitutional Reserve Fund is entirely up for grabs, so long as whoever does the grabbing does not call it an appropriation.

Trent England
October 18, 2017
Budget & Tax, Law & Principles

Court upholds taxpayer protections

The Oklahoma Supreme Court today struck down the revenue provisions in Senate Bill 845 and, in so doing, upheld limits on legislative power that were added to the Oklahoma Constitution by voters a quarter century ago.

Trent England
August 10, 2017
Law & Principles

Oklahoma Supreme Court hears arguments over authority of SQ 640

Supreme Court Justices listened to attorneys argue about whether State Question 640 applies to several revenue-raising measures passed in the final days of the 2017 legislative session.

Jay Chilton
August 9, 2017
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