Oklahoma’s religious left baptizes the blob

Some ministers use their clerical authority to advocate tax increases and oppose school choice. But baptizing certain special-interest groups only serves to debauch the currency of religious authority.

Greg Forster
July 3, 2018
Budget & Tax

Revenue going up according to Board of Equalization

The June meeting of the Board of Equalization certified $7.67 billion in state revenue, or $610 million more than the previous revenue certification in February.

Curtis Shelton
June 29, 2018
Good Government

A victory for public servants

Whatever happened to the idea of public service? And what about respect for government employees?

Jonathan Small
June 29, 2018

School safety concerns help fuel homeschool, virtual school growth

Proponents of educational options in Oklahoma say that many parents who choose to withdraw their children from traditional public schools cite safety concerns as high on the list of reasons.

Mike Brake
June 28, 2018
Law & Principles

Janus decision casts doubt on Oklahoma law

The Supreme Court of the United States today handed down a landmark decision for freedom of speech and association. Oklahoma policymakers should take note.

Trent England
June 27, 2018
Budget & Tax

State pension benefits revealed

OCPA has expanded its data tools to include information on state retirement systems and total government finances.

Curtis Shelton
June 26, 2018

Updates to education data tool

New features have been added to OCPA’s education data tool, including new student counts as well as the option to adjust for inflation.

Curtis Shelton
June 25, 2018
Higher Education

Gallogly exercising wise stewardship

As the editorial board of The Oklahoman put it today, Gallogly is “well suited to address OU’s financial challenge.”

Brandon Dutcher
June 22, 2018