No Bailouts for Broken Bureaucracies

Please sign the petition to send this message to our legislators. Many just need your encouragement and they will do the right thing.

Higher taxes and more spending are the wrong answers to waste and fraud in state government.

  • The Health Department admits seven years of cooking the books!
  • Tens of millions of tax dollars are given away to wind companies every year.
  • Even when state universities got more money, they still raised tuition on families.
  • Our Medicaid agency opposes better checks to prevent fraud.
  • The Tourism Department pays millions of dollars to subsidize movies no one sees.
  • Bars and nightclubs get free advertising—paid for with state dollars from TSET!

There is plenty of revenue in state government right now, if only legislators would get serious about stopping fraud, cutting waste, and focusing on the highest priorities first.

In other words: Fix it first, then fund it. We’ve had it with promises that they’ll fix it tomorrow, that they’ll get around to reforms next session, that they need another committee or commission or study. Enough is enough!

Sign The Petition

It is time to get serious about fixing state government. Please oppose any increases in taxes or spending until serious reforms and considered and enacted to fix broken agencies, cut crony handouts, and shift spending to the highest priorities rather than pet projects.