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Better service at a better price

Whether dealing with auto repair shops or Internet service providers or any number of businesses, we’ve all heard the promise of “better service at a better price.” Well, taxpayers should demand the same. That’s why Oklahomans should be grateful to our new governor, Kevin Stitt, who has made it clear in bringing his business background to state leadership that he intends to deliver better service at a better price.

Jonathan Small
February 18, 2019
Good Government

Accountability, strings attached, and ‘you didn’t build that’

Gov. Kevin Stitt’s first State of the State address set a great tone as Oklahoma begins the 2019 legislative session.

Jonathan Small
February 8, 2019
Good Government

Workers’ comp reforms brought Oklahoma out of the dark ages

In the mid-1990s, Oklahoma remained one of just two states with an antiquated, expensive, adversarial, lawyer-driven court system for handling workers’ compensation cases. And prospects for reform were dim.

Mike Brake
January 31, 2019
Good Government

OCPA reacts to the Oklahoma Ethics Commission’s rejection of political speech regulation

After the Oklahoma Ethics Commission declined to take action on its proposed Rule 2019-02, which would have regulated political speech, Trent England, Executive Vice President of the Oklahoma Council of Public Affairs (OCPA), released the following statement.

January 25, 2019
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