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Voting for responsible government

Oklahoma voters had a clear choice in the election for governor.

Jonathan Small
November 9, 2018
Good Government

Oklahoma police and fire pensions prevent double dipping

Oklahoma’s two uniformed service pension systems make it almost impossible for retirees to double dip within their chosen occupations.

Jonathan Small , Mike Brake
November 1, 2018
Budget & Tax, Good Government

Paying career politicians

Democracy doesn’t work when we let politicians spend future generations’ money. It’s taxation without representation. It’s also something we do every day in the United States and in Oklahoma.

Jonathan Small
October 19, 2018
Good Government

Oklahoma’s 2018 ballot measures explained

Want a simple description of Oklahoma’s ballot measures? OCPA doesn’t support or oppose ballot measures, but we do provide simple descriptions of what each one would do. Linked to each description is the full text of the measure and details on who is behind them.

October 18, 2018
Health Care, Good Government

Implementation of new Oklahoma Medicaid reforms underway

The HOPE Act, passed earlier this year, updates and improves the process of auditing Medicaid enrollment to stop potential fraud and waste in Oklahoma’s SoonerCare program. The implementation process of the law is underway but is still incomplete.

Kaitlyn Finley
September 21, 2018
Energy, Good Government

Wind cronyism costs linger

How did mankind figure out fire without a government program? These days every new technology has backers who insist they are one more government check away from being the next big thing. That was the Solyndra story, and in Oklahoma, it is the story of wind farm companies.

Jonathan Small
September 21, 2018
Education, Good Government

SQ 801 empowers schools to set priorities

“Under current law, schools are prohibited from using a portion of school-dedicated property tax revenue on anything other than building-related expenses,” OCPA distinguished fellow Andrew Spiropoulos writes. SQ 801 “amends the state constitution to provide school districts increased authority to use property tax revenue to fund school operations.”

Andrew C. Spiropoulos
August 16, 2018
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