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Oklahoma colleges given low rating in free-speech report

A new report by the Foundation for Individual Rights in Education (FIRE) finds that three major Oklahoma colleges maintain highly restrictive speech codes, and two others maintain policies that are less restrictive but still impose some barriers to free speech.

Ray Carter
December 4, 2019
Higher Education

A look at higher-education revenue in Oklahoma

Higher education’s state appropriations have fallen by 39 percent since 2008, but total revenues have grown by more than 9 percent. This is in large part due to the ever-increasing tuition rates at Oklahoma’s colleges and universities.

Curtis Shelton
November 6, 2019
Higher Education

OU’s open records office: a black hole

This is the story of a taxpayer-funded Open Records Office that is anything but open, and which appears to spend more time and effort obscuring the truth than revealing it.

Mike Brake
October 23, 2019
Higher Education

Facing discrimination claims, OU settles with law professor

The University of Oklahoma has reached a settlement agreement with a law school professor whose Christian beliefs and writings made him the target of hostile articles in the student newspaper last year and resulted in his loss of two administrative positions.

Mike Brake
September 13, 2019
Higher Education

My (brief) look at diversity training at OU

This was supposed to be a news story about diversity training at an Oklahoma college. But it turned into a column about the challenges of reporting on diversity training at an Oklahoma college.

Ray Carter
September 4, 2019
Education, Higher Education

Researcher offers proposals to improve Oklahoma teacher quality

A new report we recently released calls for changes that will make “a reinvention of teacher education plausible, attractive, and sustainable for the schools” and lead to better outcomes.

August 21, 2019
Higher Education

OU officials flout transparency

Like many colleges and universities, the University of Oklahoma has a “bias reporting hotline” that allows any aggrieved or offended party to anonymously inform on fellow members of their OU family.

What kinds of incident reports have come in—and how were they dealt with? OU won’t say.

Jonathan Small
August 20, 2019
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