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Researcher offers proposals to improve Oklahoma teacher quality

A new report we recently released calls for changes that will make “a reinvention of teacher education plausible, attractive, and sustainable for the schools” and lead to better outcomes.

August 21, 2019
Higher Education

OU officials flout transparency

Like many colleges and universities, the University of Oklahoma has a “bias reporting hotline” that allows any aggrieved or offended party to anonymously inform on fellow members of their OU family.

What kinds of incident reports have come in—and how were they dealt with? OU won’t say.

Jonathan Small
August 20, 2019
Higher Education

Expert says politics, not logistics, keep college costs high

Many citizens feel the cost of college has become too expensive, noting the heavy student-loan debt that burdens people for years. Policymakers could significantly reduce the cost of college, according to one expert. But to do so, they’ll have to prioritize the needs of students over the clout of people who make their living off the excesses of the current system.

Ray Carter
July 2, 2019
Higher Education

OCPA still waiting for OU open records

Is the University of Oklahoma a campus rife with racism, hostility to other minority groups, and rampant threats, intimidation, and discrimination? Hopefully not, but there’s no way to tell for certain because the university has failed to respond to requests for details about complaints filed with the school’s bias hotline.

Mike Brake
May 29, 2019
Higher Education

Separate but equal at OU

The battle for integration for black Americans and other minorities lasted for more than 150 years and, on some fronts, continues today. That’s why it is so alarming to many observers of higher education that on many campuses today, things from student residence halls to graduation ceremonies have been increasingly balkanized by race or ethnicity.

Mike Brake
May 15, 2019
Higher Education

Officials give glimpse of plans for OU

The future of the University of Oklahoma will involve a continued focus on efficiency, fewer new buildings and an expansion of online learning, based on the comments of officials appearing before the Senate Education Committee.

Ray Carter
May 7, 2019
Higher Education

Nazi fears stoked in free-speech debate

Opponents of a free-speech bill signed into legislation argue the law's unintended consequences will turn college campuses into recruitment centers for white supremacists and similar groups. However, according to one expert, those claims are contradicted by real-world outcomes and the text of the law.

Ray Carter
May 2, 2019
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