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Gallogly puts OU’s budget under the microscope

University of Oklahoma President Jim Gallogly continues to put the university’s financials under the microscope.

Curtis Shelton
September 14, 2018
Higher Education

OU’s Gallogly points out inefficiency, ineffectiveness in higher ed

Oklahoma’s public higher education system isn’t working for many students. This was the message from new University of Oklahoma president James Gallogly at the Greater Oklahoma City Chamber’s annual State of the Schools event.

Trent England
August 22, 2018
Higher Education

OU hire should respect Oklahomans

The University of Oklahoma is kicking off a national search for an associate vice president of university community.

Jonathan Small
August 10, 2018
Higher Education

Shumate example of higher ed lobbying tactics

State universities have used patronage as a lobbying strategy. When he left the legislature to work for the University of Oklahoma, Jabar Shumate’s pay jumped from $40,000 to $220,000. This is how patronage works at the high end: high pay, low demands, and lots of perks.

Trent England
August 1, 2018
Higher Education, Law & Principles

Oklahoma professors push back against campus groupthink, identity politics

Concerned about stifling political correctness and the absence of viewpoint diversity on campus, some Oklahoma professors are speaking out.

Staci Elder Hensley
July 23, 2018
Higher Education

Sunlight in Norman: Gallogly touts ‘complete transparency’

Six years ago in this space, I wrote: “It’s been said that higher-education administrators treat regents like mushrooms: keep them in the dark and feed them manure.” It’s not likely that new University of Oklahoma president James Gallogly would ever say anything quite so indelicate as that.

Brandon Dutcher
July 19, 2018