Higher Education

Students, faculty win as OU does the impossible

The impossible has happened. Last year, tuition stayed flat at the University of Oklahoma. And now, faculty are receiving raises.

Trent England
January 15, 2019
Higher Education

Lawsuit challenges speech code, bias response team

Like many universities across the nation, the University of Oklahoma operates a bias reporting hotline that allows any aggrieved or offended party to report and launch an investigation into supposed acts of bias.

Mike Brake
November 12, 2018
Higher Education

A breath of fresh air

Oklahoma higher education is a notorious devourer of cash. That’s why new University of Oklahoma President Jim Gallogly is such a breath of fresh air.

Jonathan Small
October 5, 2018
Higher Education

Gallogly puts OU’s budget under the microscope

University of Oklahoma President Jim Gallogly continues to put the university’s financials under the microscope.

Curtis Shelton
September 14, 2018
Higher Education

OU’s Gallogly points out inefficiency, ineffectiveness in higher ed

Oklahoma’s public higher education system isn’t working for many students. This was the message from new University of Oklahoma president James Gallogly at the Greater Oklahoma City Chamber’s annual State of the Schools event.

Trent England
August 22, 2018