Help make Oklahoma truly conservative

Help make Oklahoma truly conservative

With record gas prices, inflation at Jimmy Carter levels, and baby formula shortages like Venezuela, the United States under a big-government regime is grim.

And while it's easy to focus on Washington, D.C., it also matters what happens here, in Oklahoma.

Almost 30 years ago, the Oklahoma Council of Public Affairs was created to advance good public policy and be a watchdog for citizens. We have made our state better and stronger.

We must not grow complacent, pretending that Oklahoma is completely conservative. In fact, Oklahoma has been a state for 115 years, but only in the last 12 years have we had a Republican governor, Senate, and House of Representatives.

Your gift of $5, $10, $25, or $100 today allows OCPA to develop policies, educate Oklahomans, hold politicians accountable, and make sure Oklahoma has a bright future for our children and their own children.

Will you invest in OCPA and our state today?

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