2017 Oklahoma student proficiency rates

May 16, 2018

Brandon Dutcher

“With new test score standards that state education officials believe are more in line with national standards, the majority of Oklahoma students lack proficiency in all but one subject area tested," The Oklahoman reported when the latest Oklahoma School Testing Program (OSTP) scores were released. 

And though test scores aren’t everything, they are one useful measurement—and Oklahoma’s new test score standards provide parents and taxpayers with a more honest assessment of student performance. (OCPA president Jonathan Small says state officials deserve praise for helping to close the “honesty gap.”) 

Below are the results by school district.

Percent of Students Scoring Proficient or Above on the 2017 Oklahoma School Testing Program (OSTP) Assessment

Source: Oklahoma State Department of Education, To comply with the student privacy protections of the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA), the following redaction rules have been applied: Redact all proficiency categories if the total n size is <10; if the n size is >10, redact proficiency categories with ≤3 students; if one proficiency level is redacted, an additional proficiency level must be complementarily suppressed to not unintentionally reveal a redaction; if one proficiency percentage is 100%, then an additional category will need to be redacted as to not reveal that there are zero in other categories; if the sum of the n size of two categories is equal to the total n, an additional category will need to be redacted as to not reveal that there are zeros in other categories. All redacted cells display asterisks.