Higher Education

‘Diversity, equity, and social justice’: Oklahoma higher ed is hiring

February 9, 2021

Brandon Dutcher

“If you doubt that progressive indoctrination is widespread in Oklahoma’s tax-funded higher education system,” I wrote in part one of this series, “simply visit the website of The Chronicle of Higher Education on any given day and peruse the job postings.”

Let’s dive in again and see what we can find today.

It’s clear from past, present (and doubtless future) job postings that “diversity, equity, and inclusion” is very important. Indeed, “the absolute most important thing to me,” says OU president Joseph Harroz, Jr., “is that we get it right around diversity and inclusion.” Incredibly, it is OU’s “top priority.”

If diversity and inclusion—rather than, say, providing classroom instruction to students—is what’s most important, the damage to the university could be significant. Already OU’s diversicrats have managed to elicit widespread mockery and derision: in one short week this article has been read in all 50 states, garnering more than 31,000 page views.

Let’s hope the regents can get control of the situation. Otherwise, Gov. Kevin Stitt and state lawmakers should consider Milton Friedman’s suggestion that perhaps we should be taxing universities rather than subsidizing them.

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