Higher Education

OU group places menstrual products in men’s bathrooms

March 7, 2022

Brandon Dutcher

The organization OU’s Women’s Health Advocacy placed baskets of menstrual products in bathrooms around campus, the OU Daily reported last week.

The purpose of the stations is to provide a place for individuals to receive free and easily accessible menstrual products. Aarya Ghonasgi, the OU Women’s Health Advocacy vice president, said baskets have been placed in mainly women’s and gender-neutral restrooms across campus but are also in some men’s restrooms. “We want to make sure that people who don't necessarily identify as women who aren't comfortable using women's restrooms are given the access to products too because not every single person that menstruates identifies as a woman and so we wanted to make sure that we address that issue,” Ghonasgi said.

If you think that’s ridiculous, you’re not alone.

“This policy of OU’s Women’s Health Advocacy reveals how radical gender ideology is,” says Jay W. Richards, a research fellow at The Heritage Foundation and a New York Times bestselling author. “For the non-woke, the claim that ‘not every single person that menstruates identifies as a woman’ seems absurd. And it is.”

“The facts aren’t complicated,” Richards says. “A woman is an adult human female. Only females menstruate. Everyone knows this. It is only by replacing biological sex with an entirely subjective (and ill-defined) concept of gender identity that anyone could claim there are some non-women who menstruate. Gender identity, as understood by this radical ideology, isn’t a synonym for sex. It’s a hostile replacement.”

Regrettably, these sorts of radical ideologies are widespread in Oklahoma’s institutions of higher education.