Budget & Tax

Spotlight on taxes: Oklahoma income tax

March 31, 2023

Curtis Shelton

According to the latest data from the Oklahoma Tax Commission (here and here), total state and local tax collections in 2022 were $21.1 billion.

With 4.02 million people in the state, we can see that on a per-capita basis Oklahomans paid $5,253 in taxes. That means a typical family of four would have a $21,014 tax burden. Using a per-capita basis on total tax collections shows the full effect of government taxation. While no taxpayer sees a bill for every tax levied, the effects are still felt by every taxpayer, either through increased costs or smaller paychecks.

Oklahomans pay many different taxes—income tax, sales tax, gasoline tax, insurance premium tax, excise tax, property tax, and many more. It’s worth doing a few blog posts to look at some of these. Consider, for example, the income tax. It accounts for 24 percent of the total tax collections, with $5 billion collected through the individual and corporate income tax. On a per-capita basis, Oklahomans paid $1,236 in income taxes in 2022. For a family of four that would be $4,945.