Health Care

Continue to Reject Obamacare and Pursue Real Reforms

May 4, 2016

If policymakers wish to increase reimbursement rates or shift higher-income enrollees out of Medicaid, they can do so without expanding Obamacare whatsoever. In fact, expanding Medicaid under Obamacare will make any other Medicaid reforms even harder to achieve.

OHCA has consistently fought efforts by policymakers to better manage and coordinate the care of those currently relying on Medicaid, including seniors, poor children, pregnant women, and individuals with disabilities. OHCA has also fought efforts to protect program integrity by ensuring that those receiving Medicaid actually belong there. In fact, OHCA staff has even boasted to their peers in other states about their ability to kill previous efforts by lawmakers to reform Medicaid.

Instead of expanding Medicaid to a new class of able-bodied adults, policymakers should refocus their efforts on improving the program for those it was meant to serve: the truly needy. Lawmakers have a number of policy tools at their disposal to improve the program, and none of them require implementing Obamacare’s Medicaid expansion. For example, lawmakers could: