Media mentions - Week of June 18, 2018

June 22, 2018

The Oklahoman Editorial Board: Districts' policies show need for school choice in Oklahoma

OPPONENTS of polices that would give parents greater freedom to send their children to a school other than the one that's geographically closest often argue Oklahoma already has school choice. If you want to put your kids in another school, they say, you can just move to another district.

This argument ignores financial reality for many families — the costs and logistical challenges of moving are not simple for everyone. But it's also an argument that is being rejected by many teachers and other school employees, as recent action by the Edmond School Board highlights.


Just 3.5 percent of those polled were private school teachers, so the results indicated many public school teachers see value in school choice outside the traditional system for their own children.

Those views are in line with the opinions of the general population. A recent statewide survey of likely Oklahoma voters commissioned by the Oklahoma Council of Public Affairs and conducted by Cor Strategies found slightly over half of Oklahoma voters would send their children to a private school, public charter school or home school if financial concerns and transportation weren't a factor.

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Muskogee Politico: How beneficial is pre-K?

Should Oklahoma expand pre-K education, or invest those funds in other policy solutions? One of the critical questions at stake is how effective pre-K programs are relative to other things we might do with all that money.

The gold standard in education research is random assignment, the same method used in medical trials. When this kind of method isn’t possible, as is the case in Oklahoma’s pre-K programs, other methods can still be used, although they’re generally not as scientifically reliable.

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The Journal Record: What Oklahoma needs in a governor

In electing a governor, we need someone who understands how the world works and has the courage to tell the truth about where we are and what we must do.

But it is difficult to explain Oklahoma’s economic and social condition in a world in which the commanding heights of the culture are largely manned by left-wing activists who shamelessly construct false narratives and distort data in order to persuade us that, despite the evidence of our own senses, that Oklahoma is doing poorly.

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The Journal Record: Refreshing leadership

Nearly three months ago in this space, I said incoming University of Oklahoma President Jim Gallogly was a terrific hire. Since then, Gallogly has focused on the core work of a university, showing a relentless dedication to what’s best for students and their families.

Presiding over his first meeting of the OU Board of Regents this week, Gallogly sent a clear message that he is serious about imposing fiscal discipline, prioritizing spending, slowing the debt-fueled building spree, and protecting students from tuition hikes.

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