Mere functionaries at 23rd & Lincoln

February 23, 2009

Brandon Dutcher

Craig Ladwig, editor of The Indiana Policy Review, is grateful that heroes such as Congressman Mike Pence (R-IN) are vigorously opposing the "new American socialism" coming down the pike. (Likewise, conservative Oklahomans are grateful for the likes of Tom Coburn and Jim Inhofe.) However, Mr. Ladwig writes:

"In sad contrast, Indianaʼs state-based leadership, from council chambers to Statehouse, are behaving as mandarins, regional functionaries administering the laws of some distant emperor, trudging back and forth to the capitol with hats in hand. They seem resigned to playing by the rules of this New Socialism, however ruinous to the people of Indiana.

"A high Indiana official, for instance, told reporters recently that his job was not necessarily to oppose or question the changes coming out of Washington but 'to simply use these [stimulus] funds, which are a fact of life, for the best interest of our state and its future.' What an odd thing to say in a constitutional republic."