OCPA in the Oklahoma Gazette: Over-regulating energy costs jobs

November 29, 2012

Writing in the Oklahoma Gazette, OCPA executive vice president Brian Bush outlines the facts about the energy industry in Oklahoma and argues federal bureaucrats could learn a little something from Oklahomans:

With one in every seven jobs in Oklahoma directly or indirectly supported by the oil and natural gas industry, it’s hard to overstate its economic importance. The prospect of producing even more energy jobs has the potential to position the state as a national leader in America’s economic recovery. Oklahoma contributes 3 percent of total U.S. oil production each year and can boast 10 percent of the nation’s total natural gas production. With more than a dozen of the country’s 100 largest natural gas fields located in Oklahoma, the potential for further development is very promising. On top of that, consider that Oklahoma’s five petroleum refineries have a combined capacity of roughly 3 percent of the total U.S. distillation capacity.

Despite this huge potential for growth, too many people remain out of work because of government regulation run amok. ...Federal regulators are causing needless job losses, driving up energy costs, stifling America’s ability to compete and threatening our energy security. It’s clear that federal officials should pay closer attention to Oklahoma citizens who value high-paying energy and manufacturing jobs over rules that often do more harm than good.

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