OCPA research fellow’s book has implications for Oklahoma

July 12, 2012

OCPA research fellow Matt Mayer is out with a new book, and I highly recommend it. Taxpayers Don't Stand a Chance: Why Battleground Ohio Loses No Matter Who Wins (and What to Do About It) describes how

Ohio [declined] from … an economic and political leader to a national laggard. As shown by specific examples, Ohio’s fall occurred because the political system puts entrenched interests ahead of taxpayers and politicians spend precious resources on the wrong issues or make things worse. With the news media’s failure to give equal coverage to conservative ideas and to expose government excesses, voters can’t make informed decisions. The political and journalistic failures [create obstacles] to key economic reforms, make it impossible for Ohioans to prevent higher taxes and keep Ohio indentured to labor unions. These failures are happening in states and localities everywhere.

Indeed they are, and I can assure you that this book is (unfortunately) all too relevant for Oklahomans, as Mayer will explain in the August issue of Perspective. For now, I urge you to buy the book (profits go to the Reagan Library and to state-based conservative think tanks like OCPA). If Mayer’s policy prescriptions are enacted, Oklahoma taxpayers do stand a chance.

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