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Free Market Friday: Mental health, substance abuse transformation

August 12, 2016

Jonathan Small

The lives of those suffering from mental illnesses and substance abuse addictions in Oklahoma have been nearly unbearable for generations. Mental illnesses and substance abuse addictions are complex, necessitating all aspects of life to help those who suffer from these afflictions.

Like so many societal challenges, they are only initially overcome by individuals who see a need and act to change an unbearable reality.

One such individual is business owner Jack Turner of Oklahoma City. If you have experience with the transportation, oil and gas, or agriculture industries you know well the entrepreneurial dedication and success of Turner. He is the classic story of a hardworking Oklahoman who has generated millions of dollars in economic activity that has benefited and employed Oklahomans.

Many know of Turner’s business accomplishments, but may not know his passion and dedication to help the lives of Oklahomans who suffer from mental illnesses and substance abuse addictions.

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