OCPA president responds to Edmondson, Boren press conference

September 6, 2018


After former officials David Boren and Drew Edmondson held a press conference on education, Jonathan Small, president of the Oklahoma Council of Public Affairs (OCPA), released the following the statement:

“The problems facing Oklahoma do not stem from a lack of revenue. Since 2015, the Legislature has raised about $1.1 billion in annual tax increases and other revenue.

“Oklahoma now has more money for public schools than ever before, well over $12,000 per student across the state. Based on the most current national teacher salary data, Oklahoma teachers would be the 13th highest paid in the country after their raise when considering cost of living. State Question 801, on the ballot this fall, would open up even more education revenues for teacher pay and help hold administrators accountable.

“Real education leadership means focusing on results for students, not just dollars for adults and the unsatisfiable demands of unions.”