Higher Education

School Spending: Connors State College

September 13, 2018

Trent England, Cody Ray Milner

(All data adjusted for inflation based on CPI.)

As higher education spending goes up, more and more of the cost is pushed to students and their families. OCPA has assembled data for all Oklahoma state institutions of higher education—find it here. Below is information on Connors State College. The first chart, below, shows total spending.

Where does the money come from? Most state higher education revenue comes either from subsidies appropriated by the state legislature or from students and families in the form of tuition and fees. Other sources of revenue include federal funds and voluntary contributions.

Of course, changes in the number of students could affect spending. The chart below shows enrollment over time.

The final chart shows spending on a per student basis.

You can find data for all of the other Oklahoma state colleges and universities here.