Free Market Friday: Emergency?

We continue to see news stories about emergency certifications for teachers who didn’t take the traditional certification route to get a teaching license. But are we getting the full story?

Jonathan Small
August 3, 2018
Budget & Tax

Where does Oklahoma rank on corporate income tax?

Oklahoma ranks 34th nationally with corporate income taxes making up 2.7% of total state and local tax collections. From a regional perspective, this 2.7% places Oklahoma right in the middle—well below Arkansas and Kansas but above Missouri and Texas.

Curtis Shelton
August 2, 2018
Higher Education

Shumate example of higher ed lobbying tactics

State universities have used patronage as a lobbying strategy. When he left the legislature to work for the University of Oklahoma, Jabar Shumate’s pay jumped from $40,000 to $220,000. This is how patronage works at the high end: high pay, low demands, and lots of perks.

Trent England
August 1, 2018
Law & Principles

Distorting facts to fit a narrative

Politicos in Oklahoma, and across the country, should stop bending the facts to meet their needs.

Jonathan Small
July 27, 2018
Budget & Tax, Good Government

Flood of federal dollars damages accountability

When state government spends federal dollars, it seems like “free” money. After all, state legislators did not impose the taxes. Legislators and other state officials are much less likely to be held accountable for how that money gets spent. Federal officials, on the other hand, can blame the state if the money is poorly used. Nobody is ever on the hook. For taxpayers, this system is a nightmare, but for politicians, it’s perfect.

Trent England
July 26, 2018
Law & Principles

The ethics of work and personal responsibility

OCPA distinguished fellow Andrew Spiropoulos reminds us that FDR compared welfare to a narcotic that saps self-respect and erodes the human spirit.

Andrew C. Spiropoulos
July 26, 2018
Budget & Tax

Where does Oklahoma rank on sales tax?

Oklahoma ranks 12th nationally in terms of sales tax as a percentage of total tax collections. A sales tax with a low rate and broad base allows for the most freedom in the market while creating a stable revenue base for government.

Curtis Shelton
July 25, 2018
Higher Education, Law & Principles

Oklahoma professors push back against campus groupthink, identity politics

Concerned about stifling political correctness and the absence of viewpoint diversity on campus, some Oklahoma professors are speaking out.

Staci Elder Hensley
July 23, 2018
Budget & Tax, Education

Official says some assessors shortchange schools, counties

Oklahoma teachers spent much of the spring at the state Capitol requesting increased school budgets. But even as they won massive statewide tax increases, many of their own home county assessors were likely failing to collect millions of dollars in local property taxes for education.

Mike Brake
July 20, 2018