Oklahoma parents want the money to follow the child

Yet another scientific survey of Oklahoma voters has found strong support for parental choice in education.

Brandon Dutcher
September 17, 2019
Law & Principles

OCPA debates Electoral College on C-SPAN

OCPA's Trent England was in Colorado a few weeks ago to debate one of the architects of the National Popular Vote Interstate Compact. The event was recorded by C-SPAN.

September 16, 2019
Higher Education

Facing discrimination claims, OU settles with law professor

The University of Oklahoma has reached a settlement agreement with a law school professor whose Christian beliefs and writings made him the target of hostile articles in the student newspaper last year and resulted in his loss of two administrative positions.

Mike Brake
September 13, 2019

Expert warns of dangers of identity politics

A leading national authority warns that identity politics is “fanning the flames of tribalism, accelerating Balkanization by creating big factions—the oppressed and the non-oppressed—pitting them against one another, and it does all of this under the cover of invoking American ideals and ‘we’re all going to get along one day.’”

Ray Carter
September 12, 2019

Experts: Many trade-offs with class-size limits

While some school lobbying groups continue to call for reducing class sizes, experts told members of the Senate Education Committee on Tuesday that class-size reduction is very expensive, the educational benefits are limited, and there may be more beneficial ways to spend taxpayer resources in schools.

Ray Carter
September 11, 2019

HB 1017 reforms included school-choice funding

The passage of House Bill 1017 in 1990 has long been hailed as a major step forward for Oklahoma education. One often overlooked component of that reform measure is that the law allowed the use of taxpayer funding to cover private-school costs for certain students, lawmakers were reminded Tuesday. 

Ray Carter
September 10, 2019
Health Care

Expert: To improve health, improve education

If lawmakers want to improve health outcomes in Oklahoma, one way to generate significant progress is to improve education outcomes, one expert recently told members of the legislative Healthcare Working Group.

Ray Carter
September 6, 2019

Critic of virtual schools has degree from online university

A state senator who has been a prominent critic of Oklahoma’s virtual charter schools for K-12 students holds a doctorate from a for-profit online university that was subsequently closed amid claims it was a diploma mill.

Ray Carter
September 6, 2019
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