Republicans’ trust in media decimated

“How much do you trust the news media?”

Jonathan Small
November 16, 2018
Budget & Tax

October 2018 gross receipts set a record high

October 2018 gross receipts set an October record high of $1.14 billion. Record highs have been set for all four months of this fiscal year.

Curtis Shelton
November 15, 2018
Health Care

States turn to work requirements to fight escalating Medicaid costs

Due to rapidly escalating costs and increases in enrollment, states are pursuing new ways to reform their Medicaid programs, including work requirements for certain eligible able-bodied adults.

Kaitlyn Finley
November 13, 2018
Higher Education

Lawsuit challenges speech code, bias response team

Like many universities across the nation, the University of Oklahoma operates a bias reporting hotline that allows any aggrieved or offended party to report and launch an investigation into supposed acts of bias.

Mike Brake
November 12, 2018
Budget & Tax

Volatile revenue sources make budgeting difficult

Relying on volatile tax sources makes it difficult to predict how much revenue state government will receive. This makes the budgeting process more difficult than it already is. Oklahoma should be wary of increasing its reliance on volatile taxes like the corporate income tax and the gross production tax.

Curtis Shelton
November 9, 2018
Good Government

Voting for responsible government

Oklahoma voters had a clear choice in the election for governor.

Jonathan Small
November 9, 2018
Budget & Tax

A look at the October 2018 economic report

The Oklahoma State Treasurer released the monthly report for October revenue collections. Total Gross Receipts collected in October were $1,138.5 million—up 16.1 percent, or $158.3 million, from the same month last year.

Curtis Shelton
November 7, 2018
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