About OCPA

Since 1993, our work has paved the way for many policy victories.

As a trusted source for fact-based public policy analysis, the Oklahoma Council of Public Affairs (OCPA) has filled this vital role in the Sooner State for 25 years, watching out for the best interests of Oklahoma families, businesses, children, and taxpayers.

Research has shown time and time again that the free market is the single greatest tool in the world for lifting the most people out of poverty in the least amount of time, enabling human flourishing at unprecedented levels.

If we want a bright future for our residents—especially the most vulnerable—then our charge is simple: to doggedly pursue our mission until every Oklahoman can be empowered to live a life of opportunity.

Our Mission

To promote the flourishing of the people of Oklahoma by advancing principles and policies that support free enterprise, limited government, individual initiative, personal responsibility, and strong families.

Our Team

  • Jonathan Headshot 2018

    Jonathan Small


  • Dave Headshot 2018

    Dave Bond

    Vice President for Advocacy

  • Mandi Headshot

    Mandi Broadfoot

    Development Director

  • Ray Headshot 2019

    Ray Carter

    Director, Center for Independent Journalism

  • Victor Castillo headshot

    Victor Castillo

    Director of Community Engagement

  • Clint

    Clint Colbert

    Director of Operations

  • Heather

    Heather Dickinson

    Executive Assistant

  • Brandon Headshot 2018

    Brandon Dutcher

    Senior Vice President

  • Rick Headshot 2019

    Rick Farmer

    Dean of the J. Rufus Fears Fellowship

  • Ryan Haynie

    Ryan Haynie

    Criminal Justice Reform Fellow

  • Jennie Headshot

    Jennie Kleese

    Development Coordinator

  • Hallie Milner

    Hallie Milner

    Donor Relations Officer

  • Rachel Headshot 2018

    Rachel Hays Roberts

    Executive Vice President

  • Curtis Headshot 2018

    Curtis Shelton

    Policy Research Fellow

Our Fellows

  • Tina Korbe Dzurisin

    Research Associate

  • Trent England

    David and Ann Brown Distinguished
    Fellow for the Advancement of Liberty

  • J. Scott Moody, M.A.

    Research Fellow

  • Kimberly M. Richey, J.D.

    Senior Fellow for Education

  • Wendy P. Warcholik, Ph.D.

    Research Fellow

Our Board

Composed of leaders from a range of industries and corporations, our board of trustees exercises overall responsibility for the policies, programs, and direction of the Oklahoma Council of Public Affairs.

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Careers / Internships

Do you believe that the world is a better place when freedom allows all citizens to flourish and prosper? If so, take a look at our job and internship openings.

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