| December 2, 2013

Attorney General Scott Pruitt is protecting the rule of law

In trying to win support for Obamacare, President Barack Obama lied to the American people at least 36 times. Those lies have impacted Oklahomans and serve as a lesson why Oklahoma should not adopt any form of Obamacare’s Medicaid expansion, accept any Obamacare funds, or believe any of the other promises of Obamacare’s proponents.

But even as President Obama continues “fundamentally transforming the United States of America,” Oklahoma Attorney General Scott Pruitt is working to preserve the country given to us by America’s founders. Pruitt and his team are keenly aware of the federal government’s multiple attempts to go beyond its authority and to trample the rule of law. Thankfully, Pruitt has made it a top priority to block and fight this federal overreach. For example:

  • It is Pruitt’s lawsuit which seeks to force the federal government to obey the Obamacare statute. The lawsuit is trying to stop the IRS’s unlawful levy of taxes and penalties on employers in states that have declined to build Obamacare-compliant exchanges. As Pruitt recently pointed out, it was Mr. Obama’s secretary of Health and Human Services, Kathleen Sebelius, who created the problems we are seeing today: “Secretary Sebelius, through her rule, did not comply with the statute.”
  • It is Pruitt who is protecting the sovereignty of states and shielding Oklahomans from EPA-derived utility price increases by challenging a number of the EPA’s attempts to usurp the rule of law.
  • It is Pruitt who chose to seek justice for those actually damaged by mortgage-processing violations, which is resulting in much better outcomes for the victims than if Pruitt had joined with the collectivist attempts of politically motivated individuals who represented mortgage-processing victims.
  • It is Pruitt who has continued to support Hobby Lobby in its religious-liberty challenge to the president’s health law.

Pruitt’s efforts are appreciated by countless Oklahomans and by the millions of Americans who are benefiting from his decision to stand in the gap for the rule of law.

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