| October 23, 2012

Hopes and Fears: Could disruptive innovation enhance freedom?

All of us at OCPA are still mourning the death of University of Oklahoma historian J. Rufus Fears, who died unexpectedly on Oct. 6. Dr. Fears served as the Dr. David and Ann Brown Distinguished Fellow for Freedom Enhancement at OCPA.

A day after his death, one of Dr. Fears’s many devoted students confidently predicted on Twitter that OU would beat Texas later in the week. “Arrogant prediction?” this student asked. Then he quoted Dr. Fears: “It’s only hybris if you lose.”

The Sooners didn’t lose, of course. They walloped Texas 63-21. But five days later came something Oklahomans should relish even more: the release of “The Story of Freedom in America,” an 18-lecture course taught by Dr. Fears and available online at

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