| November 19, 2012

Hurting others doesn’t help

Partly because of the president’s success in deluding enough voters that the politics of envy work, the chorus is growing louder for "the rich" to pay more in taxes. The promises of nirvana for returning to arbitrary tax rates during the Clinton years (for some) and establishing the “Buffet Rule” abound. Unfortunately for those making those promises, data and reports demonstrating that taxing the rich more will do little to address government’s spending and debt problems also abound.

Some in Oklahoma are sounding the alarm of income inequality, despite the fact the number of middle class taxpayers is growing in Oklahoma. Reality demonstrates that hurting others (for example job creators) actually hurts those desiring work.

It is true there are millions of people in the United States of America who are suffering and need a hand up. Just as penalizing “A” students and redistributing their grades to failing students will not help failing students, punishing the “rich” will ultimately fail to truly help those in need. Oklahoma has shown that embracing and empowering an engaged civil society and pro-growth policies can provide the necessary lift to those in need. This is why it is vital for Oklahoma and the nation to tailor programs to build and achieve self-reliance (this includes reliance on family and the community when appropriate). Many have the ability “to fish”; they just need to be taught how “to fish.”

Leading policymakers in Oklahoma have rightly shown a preference for policies that provide a hand up. This is the right and proven path for Oklahoma. Burdening the arms of those with means only serves to limit the number of arms available to provide the hand up to those in need.

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