| August 12, 2013

Introducing OCPA’s newest center, distinguished fellow

This month OCPA launched its newest center, the Agricultural Center for Markets, Policy, and Property Rights. The Center will focus specifically on agriculture policy research and development (with an emphasis on Oklahoma), and will also seek free-market solutions to environmental challenges – solutions which don’t infringe upon Oklahomans’ private-property rights. As with OCPA’s other centers, this Center will support OCPA’s mission of expanding liberty, limiting government, and strengthening the free enterprise system.

Professor Jayson Lusk, pictured above in a June 6 appearance on the John Stossel program, will serve as the Samuel Roberts Noble Distinguished Fellow at OCPA. Dr. Lusk, an agricultural economist at Oklahoma State University, has published more than one hundred articles in peer-reviewed journals on topics related to consumer behavior and food marketing and policy. His new book is The Food Police: A Well-Fed Manifesto About the Politics of Your Plate (Crown Forum, 2013). To see Dr. Lusk’s conversation with John Stossel, skip to the 23-minute mark the video here.

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