| October 22, 2015

Liberty Gala speaker interviewed in Tulsa World


Last night OCPA hosted our annual Liberty Gala in Tulsa. It was an all-around great evening, but the highlight of the program was hearing Arthur Brooks speak on “How I Learned Everything I Know About Capitalism from a Hindu Swami.”

Writing in the Tulsa World, Randy Krehbiel notes that Brooks doesn’t fit the mold of the stereotypical conservative one often sees on TV but he believes in traditional conservative values:

He also believes those values mean conservatives should care about things such as wealth inequality, the social safety net and — perhaps most of all — making sure all Americans have access to the free enterprise system.

That conservative heart was evident throughout Brooks’ talk Wednesday night. A champion of free enterprise, the American Enterprise Institute president often spoke about the poor and his concern about “the least of these” in our nation who are being left behind.

You can read the entire Tulsa World article about Brooks here.

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