| June 15, 2018

Media mentions - Week of June 11, 2018

The Norman Transcript: Educators face challenges in campaigns

OKLAHOMA CITY — Ronny Johns said he’s embarrassed when parents call asking why their child can’t take a textbook home to study.

The Ada Junior High School principal has to explain that teachers receive classroom sets, so there aren’t enough books to send home in some subjects.


Trent England, executive vice president of Oklahoma Council of Public Affairs, a conservative-leaning think tank, said it is hard to unseat incumbents even when they’re not popular.

But, in the current political climate teachers may have a small advantage.

“If the political debate is going to focus on education, teachers are able to focus on a position of authority because they’ve been there,” he said.

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McCarville Report: Popular Henry Program Improving Lives

Eight years ago today, Democratic Gov. Brad Henry signed into law a bill creating a scholarship program for special-needs students. What do Oklahomans think of the program?

A statewide survey last month asked this: “Oklahoma has an educational choice program, the Lindsey Nicole Henry Scholarship Program for Children with Disabilities, which makes private-school scholarships available to special-education students, foster children, and children adopted out of state custody. Do you support or oppose this scholarship program?”

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News 9: Higher Learning And Controversial Consolidation

TAHLEQUAH, Oklahoma - For students hoping to earn a college degree, choosing the right school is important, and can hinge on any number of factors: the school's location, its size, the degree programs offered, academic standards, quality and access to professors.


But to some conservatives, it's a system that is simply too big -- bloated by self-serving lawmakers.

"There's no greater monument to the good ol' boy system that reigned in Oklahoma for decades," said Oklahoma Council of Public Affairs President Jonathan Small, "than the current higher education footprint."

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The Journal Record: For education, fathers matter

There’s a problem affecting education and hurting students. The uncomfortable truth is that changes in family structure have impeded educational progress. It’s time we start talking about it. Simple solutions (such as increased funding) don’t address the breakdown of families.

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