| November 27, 2012

Medicaid story has mixed sourcing

“Medicaid decision draws mixed reaction,” announced a front-page headline last Tuesday in the print version of The Oklahoman. And indeed, Jaclyn Cosgrove’s lede was promising: “Gov. Mary Fallin’s decision Monday not to expand Medicaid coverage was cheered by fellow Republicans but denounced by those who had hoped to see expanded medical care for thousands of poor Oklahomans.”

Well, OK, let’s read about those mixed reactions. Of course, given the reality on the ground—Oklahomans’ overwhelming opposition to Obamacare—I suppose the reporter could be forgiven if those who “cheered” the governor’s decision were given more ink than those who “denounced” it.

Oh, wait, never mind. Other way around. Four-to-one advantage (304 words to 76 words) for the denouncers.

I ask you: Is the “mixed reaction” presented by the writer an accurate reflection of the actual mixed reaction among her readers?

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