| November 12, 2013

Obamacare forces Oklahoma grandmother to purchase maternity, pediatric dental coverage

As Obamacare continues to crash and burn, many Americans are discovering a central reason for this monumental train wreck: mandates.

The law essentially insists that everyone, everywhere, be covered for everything, whether or not they need it or want it. Hence, we have 60-year-old men who had a vasectomy in 1980 covered for childbirth, and non-drinkers assured of alcoholism counseling. That’s why new Obamacare policies are so expensive, and millions are losing their old policies which don’t meet the “cover everything” mandates.

In a local example, one constituent of Oklahoma state Sen. Josh Brecheen wrote to tell him that her health insurance had gone up from $287 to $382 a month to accommodate the new Obamacare mandates, including maternity care. “I explained to my insurance company that I am a grandmother and that I could not medically have any children anymore,” she wrote. The insurance carrier responded by informing her that, oh, by the way, next year she will also need pediatric dental insurance, even though there are no children in the house.

Understandably, this Oklahoma grandmother is upset. “I had insurance before Obamacare/Affordable Health Care Act, and paid exactly for what I needed. Now, I am paying extra for something I will never get to use,” she writes. “How in the world are we supposed to ‘afford’ these mandates? I am concerned and angry that our government has trampled over the American people’s rights and that this so-called Affordable Health Care Act is placing these mandates that are absolutely ridiculous!”

Imagine what buying a car would be like under a similar system.

“Your new car is just about ready, Mr. Jones. We’re installing the $400 heavy-duty trailer hitch.”

“Why? I don’t have a trailer or anything to haul.”

“Yes, but pig farmers in Iowa do, so everyone must have a trailer hitch. Now your satellite radio is $299 a month, with 42 rap and 57 country stations.”

“I hate rap and abhor country. Plus I’m deaf and only read lips. I don’t want that stuff.”

“Fine, but teens in Detroit and farmers in Tennessee do. You are required to underwrite their desires. Now here are your studded snow tires, plus the spare, for $1,200.”

“I’m moving to south Florida. It hasn’t snowed there since the last ice age.”

“True, but it snows in Minnesota every winter.”

And so on. It’s no wonder that, with this kind of logic, the train is off the rails.

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