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Staff | September 16, 2019

OCPA debates Electoral College on C-SPAN


The attempted end-run around the Constitution needs 270 electoral votes in order to hijack the Electoral College. Today, that effort—the National Popular Vote Interstate Compact, or NPV—is at 196 electoral votes. 

OCPA’s Trent England directs Save Our States, the only effort to oppose NPV in every state. Twice this year, Trent testified before legislative committees in Colorado. Unfortunately, state legislators passed legislation (on a narrow, partisan basis) to join NPV. But then citizens collected enough signatures to force a vote next year on whether to repeal it.

Trent was in Colorado a few weeks ago to debate one of the architects of NPV, Democratic strategist Ted Trimpa, at the Steamboat Freedom Conference. The event was recorded by C-SPAN and can be watched here.


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