| December 4, 2012

OCPA forum to highlight free-market medicine in Oklahoma City

Increased government interference in medicine is causing patients, doctors and employers to look for new health-care options. Encouragingly, a consumer-driven health-care market—marked by price transparency—is beginning to take shape in Oklahoma City.

No, that’s not a misprint. I indeed used the words “price transparency” and “health care” in the same sentence. It all started when a local surgery center decided to publish its prices online. (Oklahoma Congressman James Lankford is a big fan of the concept; see his interview with Dr. Keith Smith here.)

I encourage you to come hear Dr. Smith discuss these ideas and take your questions at an OCPA forum Dec. 17 in the state Capitol building. Among other things, Dr. Smith will discuss:

  • How health care is no different from any other sector of the economy: competition drives down costs and increases quality. He has seen it firsthand in Oklahoma City.
  • Why medical refugees from Canada are coming to Oklahoma City for medical care.
  • The surprising truth that health care is not expensive. He will explain why then it costs so much.
  • Why he refuses to charge patients $631.91 for a painkiller that costs him less than two dollars.

Seating is limited, so please don’t delay in reserving your seat. Register online at or contact Jennie Kleese at 405-602-1667.

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