| June 24, 2013

Oklahomans are free to opt out of union membership

This week OCPA is participating with 54 other nonprofit organizations in National Employee Freedom Week, “a national effort to inform union employees about the freedoms they have to opt out of union membership.” According to the National Employee Freedom Week website,

Because Oklahoma is a Right-to-Work state, you do not have to join or pay dues to any union organization in order to keep your job, salary, benefits, or seniority. If you are already a member of a union, you can resign your membership by submitting a written notice to your union. A generic opt-out letter is available here.

Writing in Investor’s Business Daily, retired teacher and longtime union member Larry Sand notes that “National Employee Freedom Week conducted scientific surveys of union households across the nation, and a full 33 percent of national respondents indicated they would opt out of union membership if given the chance.”

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