Michael Carnuccio | August 1, 2014

Free Market Friday: Oklahoman nationally recognized

Michael Carnuccio

This week, the American Legislative Exchange Council will have its 41st annual meeting in Dallas.

ALEC advances limited government, free markets and federalism at the state level through a nonpartisan public-private partnership of state legislators, members of the private sector and the general public.

ALEC is a mainstay for any policymaker seeking public policy solutions and is just as concerned with the outcomes of a particular policy as it is with the intentions of that public policy. Unlike other organizations, such as the National Council of State Legislatures, which is funded by dues from taxpayer dollars, ALEC is fully funded voluntarily.

ALEC is connecting policymakers with corrections reforms, challenging tax cronyism and crony capitalism, highlighting the problems of over-criminalization, advocating for Medicaid reforms that have been supported by the administrations of President Barack Obama and President Bush, educating on the need to continue the freedom and creativity present in Internet regulation and advancing numerous policy ideas that empower individuals.

At the meeting, more than 1,000 lawmakers, public policy experts, academics and entrepreneurs will share public policy recommendations and draft model legislation to address many of the pressing issues for states. The Sooner State will be uniquely highlighted during the meeting as Oklahoma lawmakers will present the common-sense pension reforms passed last session that make sure government is able to keep its promises to current and future retirees and respond to the needs of the new workforce.

A number of Oklahoma policymakers are active participants, espousing public policy initiatives that empower individuals and unleash human potential. Oklahoma policymakers from both parties participate in ALEC, sharing solutions that include preservation of the Electoral College, advocate for educational choice, conscientiously reform public retirement plans, and protect Medicaid for the truly needy.

A number of Oklahoma-based participants in ALEC have been recognized for their efforts to promote American ideals. The Oklahoma Council for Public Affairs’ vice president for policy, Jonathan Small, will be recognized for his multi-year involvement on a number of economic issues and will be the recipient of ALEC’s prestigious Private Sector Member of the Year Award.

ALEC members deserve much praise for efforts to help Oklahomans achieve their full potential. For the sake of a prosperous future for all, these gatherings must continue and multiply.

Michael Carnuccio

Former OCPA President

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