We need fairness for all Oklahomans

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Dave Bond | July 5, 2023

We need fairness for all Oklahomans

Dave Bond

You may have seen some recent news (“Court rules Indians exempt from traffic laws”) that could have serious public-safety implications for Tulsa and other parts of eastern Oklahoma.

But the unfairness is not confined simply to traffic laws. As I pointed out in a recent article in The Madill Record, some tribes “are openly ignoring state, county, and municipal tax laws. Others want to bypass laws on licensing, land use, property rights, and mineral rights.

“To his credit, Gov. Kevin Stitt is working to focus people on the concept of all Oklahomans living and working under the same set of rules. The Legislature and state Supreme Court have trended the other direction. Undoubtedly, since the McGirt ruling three years ago, we’ve been in the midst of a key turning point in Oklahoma’s history. We must stay united around the ideas of certainty and fairness for all Oklahomans.”

I encourage you to read the entire article here.

Dave Bond Vice President for Advocacy

Dave Bond

Vice President for Advocacy

Dave Bond serves as Vice President for Advocacy at the Oklahoma Council of Public Affairs. He was previously the CEO of OCPA Impact, OCPA's 501(c)4 action partner. Since 2011, Dave has advocated at the Oklahoma Capitol on issues of free enterprise, individual initiative and limited government. He has been referred to in the Tulsa World as "a prominent Oklahoma anti-tax lobbyist". Prior to his advocacy efforts, Dave worked in Oklahoma elections, focused mostly on state legislative campaigns. He was the executive director of the Republican State House Committee, the campaign arm of the Republican caucus of the Oklahoma House of Representatives. Dave also worked with the campaign consulting firm A.H. Strategies and with the inaugural campaign of former Corporation Commissioner Jeff Cloud. In addition, he served in the media and communications divisions of the Oklahoma House of Representatives. Dave has lived in Oklahoma most of his life and is a graduate of Oklahoma State University. He and his wife Marsha have two sons and live in Yukon.

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