| April 18, 2011

Playing the race card, again

When Governor Mary Fallin recently decided to reject the federal “early innovator” health-care grant of $54 million, the Tulsa World reported that one state legislator was very disappointed. “When we have our disasters in Oklahoma, we are the first ones to reach out and ask the same government for help,” the legislator was quoted as saying. “This is what the people of Oklahoma wanted. They disliked the African American president so much they are willing to do without.”

Wow, this is news to me. My colleague Jason Sutton (white) and I (black) recently authored a memorandum which pointed out the many problems associated with accepting the “early innovator” grant. If you’ll read the memo, you’ll see that President Barack Obama’s race—and whether we like or dislike the President—is not mentioned as a reason to reject the federal funds.

Playing the race card is a typical move of the Left, and frankly an old, tired move at that. The race card is an intellectually void fear tactic, which most often tries to cover up real problems and solutions. Contrary to what our friends on the Left and in many media outlets would have you believe, the vast majority of opposition to President Barack Obama is because of his policies—policies based in envy which destroy the fruits of personal responsibility and individual initiative.

Governor Fallin, President Pro Tem Bingman, and Speaker Steele, thank you for trying to protect the freedom of Oklahomans (of all races) by refusing the “early innovator” grant funds. Your decision is strongly supported by me, and by many other Oklahomans who happen to be black.

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