| February 12, 2018

Coburn endorses OCPA plan

Earlier today, OCPA revealed a package that would fund a $5,000 teacher pay raise and protect critical services.

Former U.S. Senator Tom Coburn released the following statement regarding the plan:

“For nearly eight years now, the executive branch, the bureaucracy, special interests, and even some legislators have predominantly been obsessed with trying to figure out how to get more revenue out of Oklahomans or expand government’s spending role in Oklahomans’ lives. They have thwarted efforts to truly transform government so it works better with less—and now are insisting on either tax increases or even more dysfunctional government.

"Because of their false choices, and the accompanying deterioration, teachers, the most vulnerable, working Oklahomans, and small businesses are being held captive and will suffer damaging tax increases that will harm families and ruin future efforts for pro-growth tax reform.

"To prevent that damage from occurring, this proposal by OCPA provides the best way, given the unfortunate circumstances, to give hardworking teachers the pay-raise they have earned, protect the most vulnerable, and protect working Oklahomans and small businesses from damaging tax increases.

"It’s time for the circus to end. This narrowly tailored package proposed by OCPA will prioritize what’s important. It’s time for politicians to do their number one job which is tough and accountable oversight. It’s a violation of the Oklahoma Standard to raise taxes on the most vulnerable, working Oklahomans and small businesses when fraud and mismanagement is occurring at the Oklahoma Health Department, the state Medicaid budget is out of control and scores of opportunities for efficiency and savings are avoided. It’s time for politicians to do the tough work of responsible fiscal governance, structural reform and transformational policy solutions that end income the failed status quo of government operation — as promised.”

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