Law & Principles

| March 21, 2017

Non-government boards shouldn’t get a free ride.

Statement from Jonathan Small on Senate Bill 588

“An effort is being made to allow an organization to continue to occupy space rent-free from taxpayers. It’s no secret that Oklahoma faces a state-appropriated budget gap of $878 million. At a time when taxpayers are already being asked to close the budget gap, it is unfair to ask taxpayers to continue to subsidize the efforts of a non-profit organization. Non-core functions should be funded by the users of said functions, not by forcing taxpayers to subsidize those functions. I urge lawmakers to allow state agencies to properly require non-government entities to pay the cost of their operations and occupancy instead of allowing special interest maneuvers to prevent taxpayers from being fairly treated. Senate Bill 588 is bad public policy and not the kind of efforts that should be pursued, especially with a budget gap of $878 million.”

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