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Staff | March 28, 2020

OCPA comments on passing of Dr. Tom Coburn


OKLAHOMA CITY (March 28, 2020)—Jonathan Small, president of the Oklahoma Council of Public Affairs, issued the following statement today in response to the passing of Dr. Tom Coburn.

“History will rank Dr. Coburn among Oklahoma’s greatest leaders. His unwavering adherence to principle, even in the face of intense political pressure, is why he will be remembered as a true statesman. At OCPA, we were blessed to have Dr. Coburn serve on our board, where his insight and leadership was invaluable. While all Oklahomans share in this loss today, Dr. Coburn’s legacy will live on in the countless lives he directly impacted, both as a doctor and a statesman, and the even larger number who remain inspired by his example. For those who ask if a conservative can remain true to his principles once in office, there will forever be an answer: Yes. Tom Coburn showed it could be done, and he blazed a path others can follow.”

The Oklahoma Council of Public Affairs is a free-market think tank that works to advance principles and policies that support free enterprise, limited government, and individual initiative.


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