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Staff | May 2, 2023

OCPA praises signing of ban on child sex-change surgeries


OKLAHOMA CITY (May 2, 2023)—Oklahoma Council of Public Affairs President Jonathan Small today praised Gov. Kevin Stitt and members of the Oklahoma Legislature for approval of a new law that prevents children from undergoing sex-reassignment surgeries, cross-sex hormones, or puberty blockers before age 18.

“Youth cannot get a tattoo, buy cigarettes, vote, get a commercial driver’s license, buy a gun, or legally consume alcohol, and are limited in their ability to be bound by a contract, before they are 18 to 21 years of age,” Small said. “This law simply puts the same safeguards in place regarding permanent, life-altering surgeries and hormone treatments.”

Senate Bill 613 states, “A health care provider shall not knowingly provide gender transition procedures to any child.” The bill passed both chambers of the Oklahoma Legislature last week, receiving supermajority support in both the state House of Representatives and the state Senate.

“Even under the best of circumstances, puberty is a time of wildly swinging emotions and impulsive decision-making, and we’ve seen far too many public expressions of regret and sorrow from individuals who sought to transition genders as teens, only to later reverse course when it was too late to avoid lifelong medical challenges created by their ‘treatment,’” Small said. “Governor Kevin Stitt and the many lawmakers who have worked diligently to put these common-sense protections in place deserve our appreciation, including Sen. Warren Hamilton, Rep. Jim Olsen, Sen. Julie Daniels, Rep. Toni Hasenbeck, Rep. Kevin West, Sen. David Bullard, Sen. Nathan Dahm, Sen. Shane Jett, and Sen. Rob Standridge.”


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