| April 26, 2017

OCPA President applauds passage of Small Loans Act

OCPA President Applauds Passage of Small Loans Act

After the passage of House Bill 1913, Oklahoma Council of Public Affairs President Jonathan Small made the following statement:

“At OCPA, we are grateful that Oklahoma lawmakers chose to give Oklahomans more non-government options to meet their critical needs so they don’t have to be trapped in dependence on government. Rep. Chris Kannady, Sen. James Leewright, and other lawmakers who supported HB 1913 are to be commended for rejecting the scare tactics of most of the bill’s opponents. These opponents work constantly to increase and enlarge government programs that entrap Oklahomans in dependence on government and overburden taxpayers.

“HB 1913 is commonsense legislation that has been reviewed by state regulators and will transition the small loans industry to comply with federal regulations. Most of the opponents of HB 1913 also lobbied intensely in favor of Obamacare’s failed Medicaid expansion, Obamacare’s failed insurance exchanges, the Dodd-Frank Act whose regulatory weight has closed a community bank for every day it has been in existence, for radical environmental regulations that strangle agriculture in Oklahoma, and for billions of dollars in tax increases on Oklahomans. Unlike those destructive measures, the passage of HB 1913 is a step in the right direction and is welcome news.”

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