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| May 1, 2017

OCPA President Jonathan Small urges opposition to the 145 percent cigarette tax increase

OCPA President Jonathan Small Urges Opposition to the 145 Percent Cigarette Tax Increase

After legislative committees passed House Bill 2365, Oklahoma Council of Public Affairs President Jonathan Small made the following statement.

“Yesterday, legislative committees passed House Bill 2365, which will result in a windfall of more than $100 million for the tribes by way of a 145 percent increase in the cigarette tax.

This tax increase is an attack on Oklahoma’s most vulnerable, particularly those who are struggling with an addiction or trying to make ends meet. Increasing the cigarette tax is a shameful retreat from corrections reform efforts and reverts back to the failed policy of using the hammer and power of government to impact Oklahomans.

We strongly urge Oklahomans to contact their lawmakers and let them know that HB 2365 only favors special interests, will weaken Oklahoma’s economy, is an inappropriate windfall for the tribes, and, worst of all, unfairly targets Oklahoma’s most vulnerable.”

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