Health Care

| January 11, 2018

OCPA President praises Medicaid flexibility

OCPA President Praises Medicaid Flexibility

Responding to the Trump Administration’s new policy encouraging states to improve Medicaid through policies that encourage work, OCPA President Jonathan Small made the following statement:

“The states are diverse, and people are diverse, and so it’s exciting to see the Administration allowing more diversity in how state Medicaid programs are designed. It’s especially encouraging that the Trump Administration is looking for ways to empower Americans, help get them back to work, and recognizing that employment can sometimes be part of improving a person’s health outcomes.

“This new policy gives Oklahomans more power over our own state Medicaid program, which is as it should be. I hope legislators look seriously at how we can improve both the fiscal health of Medicaid—which has become a budget buster—and the health of Oklahoma’s most vulnerable citizens by using this flexibility.”

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