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Staff | May 15, 2020

Oklahoma Senate has votes to pass improved Senate Bill 407


OKLAHOMA CITY (May 15, 2020)—Jonathan Small, president of the Oklahoma Council of Public Affairs, released the following statement this morning following a meeting with Oklahoma Senate President Pro Tempore Greg Treat:

“After talking with the Senate Pro Tem about the latest net increase of over $80 million in public education funding and the Senate’s commitment to increasing funding even further for public schools by way of Senate Bill 407, I’m excited that thousands of children and school districts across Oklahoma still have a chance for additional help at meeting their educational needs.

“The Pro Tem and his colleagues in the Senate are confident that they have the votes to pass Senate Bill 407, which, when passed by the House today, can come back to the Senate for quick acceptance of House amendments and then be sent straight on to the governor, who has already committed to signing it.

“At OCPA, we’re glad to be working for all children and all schools to be eligible either for scholarships or for additional funding, and we’re glad to be working with other partners to help get Senate Bill 407 across the finish line, as lawmakers have pledged to do."

The principal author of SB 407 is Senate Republican Caucus Chair Dave Rader. Co-authors of the measure include Senate Majority Floor Leader Kim David, Senate Education Committee Chair Gary Stanislawski, Senate Education Committee Vice Chair Joe Newhouse, Senate Retirement & Insurance Committee Chair Marty Quinn and Senate General Government Committee Chair Nathan Dahm.


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