Good Government

Staff | December 18, 2018

Should activism be regulated?


You have too much freedom. You need to be on a list—your name, home address, and employer posted online.

Who thinks so? Ashley Kemp, the Executive Director of the Oklahoma Ethics Commission, is pushing for a rule that would classify any Oklahoman who speaks out on any proposed legislation as a lobbyist. And anyone who contributes to an organization that encourages people to contact their legislators? Those ordinary citizens would have their personal information posted online.

You heard right: Get involved, get put on a government list.

Watch the video for more information and to see my testimony against proposed rule 2019-02 before the Ethics Commission.

If you want to share your thoughts with the Commissioners, here are their emails and phone numbers. If you want to share this information, you better do it now, while it's still legal.


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