| June 6, 2013

The Prius plan

OCPA has championed the free market for two decades now, and with good reason. It works. What doesn't work is excessive tinkering in the market by government policies aimed at social engineering. There is no shortage of examples, but one of the most dangerous is being fought right now by our own Congressman James Lankford. His efforts are bringing to light the beauty of how the market works and the dangers of putting the market in a chokehold through bad policy.

The Renewable Fuel Standard (RFS) is the government's way of dictating the fuel recipe. It currently requires 10% ethanol in certain gasoline mixtures, but it could require as much as 15% by later this summer. The problem is that people don't want it, and car manufacturers say it will damage vehicles and warn they will void warranties if the ethanol concentration goes much higher. Take a moment to watch this short video as Congressman Lankford expertly lays out what is at stake here: higher gas prices, higher food prices, and forcing businesses to make a product they can't sell. That makes a direct impact on you and me at the pump, at the dinner table, and in our wallets.

The left's response? Get a Prius. Now, that's compassion.

Photo: Fedor Selivanov /

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