| December 13, 2012

Today's math assignment

There are 18 students in Johnny’s classroom. Multiply that number by $8,301 (Oklahoma’s per-student expenditure*), and you end up with $149,418 for that classroom.

Now subtract $44,094, which is the salary for Johnny’s teacher. The difference is $105,324.

Where is that money going?

*The real number is higher, but for purposes of this illustration I’m using the government’s own numbers. All data are from the Oklahoma Office of Accountability, “Profiles 2011 State Report,” April 2012, pages vi-vii. The statewide gross student/teacher ratio for regular classroom teachers in 2010-11 was 17.7 students per teacher. The average expenditure per student was $8,301. The average salary of teachers was $44,094.

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