| July 16, 2012

Welcome to the OCPA Policy Impact Team!

What it is: The OCPA Policy Impact Team is comprised of freedom ambassadors who have heard the OCPA message -- that is, that our government should be limited and markets should be free -- and been so compelled by it that they want to take concrete action to advance that message and make Oklahoma the freest state.

What we do: Policy Impact Team members disseminate OCPA information in a variety of ways. When OCPA releases new research, the Team physically distributes that information to legislators at the Capitol. The Team books OCPA speakers for area meetings, converts ready OCPA language into letters to the editor, promotes stock tweets and Facebook content, volunteers to register guests at OCPA events, calls legislators to convey intellectual capital about pending legislation and refers friends and neighbors to OCPA research.

How we do it: After every publication and event, the OCPA Policy Impact Director provides the Team with a Policy Impact Packet. The packet is distributed physically at events and is also available online at Included in the packet is relevant research to be copied and distributed, speaker contact information, letter-to-the-editor language, social media tips, talking points for legislators and OCPA member registration information. Team members use the packet as they can. The Policy Impact Director also contacts team members directly on Capitol Days -- days the OCPA staff will be at the Capitol distributing research -- or to request specific action.

For more information or to express an interest in joining the Team, please e-mail Policy Impact Director Tina Korbe at

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