| May 2, 2010

Where Do You Want Us to Cut?

Over the years OCPA has provided policymakers with no shortage of specific recommendations, in budget books and in other publications, on where to cut state spending.

If our elected officials are now considering taking more money from Oklahoma families in the form of taxes or fees, that money is going to have to come from somewhere in our family budgets. So families have every right to ask politicians: Where do you want us to cut?

According to the Tax Foundation, the average Oklahoman worked until April 6 this year in order to earn enough money to pay the federal, state, and local tax collectors. As OCPA distinguished fellow Dr. J. Rufus Fears has observed, "The American public pays an amount of taxes that no despotic pharaoh in antiquity would have ever dreamt of imposing upon his people."

But if this is still not enough-if further "revenue enhancements" are needed at N.E. 23rd and Lincoln-our public servants owe it to those they allegedly serve to recommend items in our family budgets we can do without. The chart below shows our major expenditures. Should Oklahoma families buy less food? Should we drop some insurance coverage? Save less for retirement? Hold off on getting those much-needed new brakes for the car? Give less money to our local churches?

Recommendations from policymakers may be sent to and will be considered for publication on our website.

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