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Oklahoma’s judicial selection process needs serious reform. It is time to eliminate the Judicial Nominating Commission (JNC) and replace it with the U.S. Constitution’s process for selecting Supreme Court justices. 

Unlike the balanced approach of the U.S. Constitution, Oklahoma’s Supreme Court justices aren’t truly chosen by elected officials. Instead, three candidates are handpicked by the unelected JNC—guided by a small network of trial lawyers from the state Bar Association.

This flawed process has led to a left-leaning Supreme Court that consistently undermines conservative reforms by legislating from the bench.

We must repeal the JNC and adopt the proven method outlined in the U.S. Constitution. Under this system, the Governor nominates justices, and the Legislature confirms or rejects them—a process that has served our nation well for over 200 years.

SJR 34 may be dead for this year, but the issue of JNC repeal is not. Oklahoma’s legislative rules allow for the House Speaker and the Senate Pro Tem to jointly file a new bill at any time during the legislative session.

This year’s session isn’t scheduled to end until Friday, May 31st.

If reforming Oklahoma’s Supreme Court is a priority for you, please use this easy action tool to email your state legislators and ask them to get this done. It is not too late.